Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Playing the card game - PDCA ..

PDCA cycle of Plan-do-check-act ( also called Deming cycle, Shewhart Cycle) is an important step in the quality cycle in any organisation. It is also observed to be a great step in the lean journey of any company.

Toyota makes PDCA a part of its life, in each and every act it undertakes, be it a new design, redesigning a process, a product etc..

The whole PDCA cycle in Toyota is given in an A3 sheet so that at any point of time it is easy to trace the genesis of the improvement, how it started, what were the iterations involved, who all contributed, what were the cost savings involved at each stage. It is a living document which will undergo change in the future cycles of improvement. etc..

The PDCA concept can be best explained with the help of this game.

Card Game : 

Items : Take a pack of 52 cards.  

Value : For each symbol, A - 1, 2 to 9 and 10, King, Queen and Jack each 10 each, ie 

Players : It is ideal to have four teams of ideally three players each playing this game 

Venue : Any classroom 

Procedure : Shuffle the cards well and divide the pack into four groups. 

Task : Ask each of the team to have equal total value of the cards with it. (number of cards do not matter, only the total value of the cards is what matters). 

Each team should have a total value of cards with it to be equal to 85.  

First PDCA cycle

a. Give 4 minutes of planning time (simultaneously) to each team to chalk out a strategy to have equal total value. Let them record this strategy (PLAN)
PDCA is also a great problem solving tool ..
b. As per the plan let them execute the plan (DO)
c. After their strategy is executed as per the previous step, let them check the total value of cards each team has with it. (CHECK)
d. There will be a change and now the team has to decide to redo their strategy. (ACT)

Second PDCA cycle :

Repeat the steps given earlier. In the check phase, check whether all teams have equal value of cards. If not repeat the PDCA cycle a third time and so on till all the teams have equal value of cards with it.

This is a game which gives you the meaning of what is PDCA cycle and tells how how to use the PDCA cycle repeatedly for continuous improvement.


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