Tuesday, February 02, 2016

How India was enslaved and robbed, no international court to arbitrate on our behalf?

For the brief period of 300 years, the colonialists from the Industrial revolution went around the world and pillaged culturtes, civilizations and enslaved people around the world. India was also a silent victim ..

I happened to visit the Victoria Museum in Kolkata two days back. The English along with the Portuguese, the Dutch and the French, have done more damage than contrinuted to the growth of the country. 

India being one of the richest, materially and culturally rich civilization, till the seventeenth century, fell to the evil designs of the colial forces and were denied rights, our weath robbed and we slipped back economically among the nations of the world. 

India is now rising again and doing it very decently, not by robbing, killing or pillaging cultures. Robbing, killing, pillaging is the forte of our white friends from across the seas.. It is their native behavious resulting from an immature culture which has recently alighted from the trees. India is doing it intelligently and with an open hand.

In the final count of humanity, it is the peace and friendship which each country manages with other countries that count, the richness of the culture that matters, not how many countries have been invaded or attacked and pillaged or how many people have been killed. 

The worldwill take time to realise this truth and even then not everybody will be able to understand its gravity.


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